How to use Storify for class

How to use Storify for class

For JO304, set up an account, create one "Storify" story about the news site you are tracking — How the newspaper X is doing multimedia on Syria, for example. Search for some material to the right. and pull what you want to the left.
I’ll show you how to set up a link next week.

  1. I found this by Googling to the right, then I dragged it in here. As you can see The Phoenix has shut down. 
  2. Storify is now telling me to save, which I will do by clicking “save now” above. I also know that there was a panel last night on the closure of the Phoenix, so I searched the hashtag #phoenixmit. 
  3. Legacy of the Phoenix panel at MIT #phoenixMIT @fvckthemedia @ MIT Media Lab
  4. You can also past a link in to the right and find material that way. 
  5. 1st question for last Phoenix editor Carioli: was it a surprise when the paper/magazine died? #phoenixmit
  6. so, @carlycarioli explains that the last ditch attempt to save the title was to switch the Phoenix to a glossy magazine format #phoenixmit
  7. But, says @carlycarioli, things went well at the beginning-magazine version was fat, people seemed to like it, but got thinner…#phoenixMIT
  8. I found this in my original Google search and pulled it in to get some video in here. 
  9. Carly Carioli , Editor in Chief-Boston Phoenix
  10. …the advertising wasn’t there. But still actual closing was and remains a shock, syss @carlycarioli #phoenixmit
  11. Diamant: the integrity of the Phoenix was telling — the Lifestyle section was solid (sea AD. Reporting valued…#phoenixmit
  12. #phoenixMIT the 1 woman on this panel Anita Diamant says despite freelancing in the 70s, she had to be a secretary to get into the newsroom
  13. Question — how can we bring this sprit to today’s reporting. #phoenixmit
  14. I have a Pinterest page of all the stories I wrote for the Phoenix, but Storify won’t take it.

    Here’s one: 
  15. So you get the idea. 

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