A work-aound to get Storify on WordPress

So, here’s one way to do it. Save a screenshot of your Storify, and add a link.To save a screen shot on a PC you hit a button called “PrintScrn. ” then paste in onto a Word  document, click on it and save it as a JPG. You may need to open it in a photo editor like Photoshop to crop it.On the Mac, save the whole screen with shift-command -3 and crop it with shift-command- 4.

But, first crop it,.
ss storify

Be a little neater than I was. That small bit of partial text on the right looks bad.


But, make sure you change the  URL/address when you upload the photo to the post.

storify 2 ss

Then instruct your readers to click on the image for the screen shot. Also hyperlink some text to the url.


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