Camera + tutorial from Mashable

Sometimes I like to jump into a new tool and or piece of gear and get started.  But, I finding that it really helps to read the instructions. Then I jump back in and do, do, do. Practice is the only way to master recording and editing skills.

It takes a lot of time.  It’s a whole new world of frustration. But, if you’ve learned a language or a musical instrument, you know that feeling of thinking in Spanish or going to a C to a G chord on the guitar without moving one finger at a time.

That said, here’s a quick, easy tutorial on Camera +,  a $2 app that will vastly improve your iPhone or Android Photography.

Let’s see if the embed code will work.

No. WordPress is dodgy like that. Some codes work, others don’t. Tip — find a work around,  in this case, a link.  

WordPress wants you to subscribe to Video Press. But, it will let you insert from you tube.



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