When embed codes don’t work, link to media via screen shot or photo

WordPress doesn’t respond well to some embed codes. YouTube and Vimeo usually work find if you copy the url into the editing page.

But many won’t work.

Unless you want to move to a paid website, here’s how to get around that.

Do a screen shot or use a photo and insert a link to the media in the photo. When readers click on the photo , it will take them to the media.

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 4.35.35 PM

How to do a screen shot. Be careful not to trim a shot so tightly that it looks like you are stealing a photo.


Partial shot:  Search for a program called “Snipping Tool.” Click on “New” and drag the plus sing over what you want to take a shot of. Let go and save as .jpg

Full screen: Use “print screen” on the keyboard.


Mac – Will save to your desktop.

Command-shirt 4 to get the plus sign drag it over want to take a shot of. Let go saves to desktop

Command shift 3 to save full screen.

    1. Go to a post or page editing screen. Click the Add Media ( plus sign) button.


    1. Upload a new image, or click the Media Library tab and click the image you’d like to use as a link.
    2. Click the Insert into post button.
    3. The image is inserted into your post.
    4. Select the image then click the link icon in the toolbar.


You insert the link after you post with the same icon you use to insert a hyperlink.



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