Terri Taylor, long-time Pittsburgh journalist, 1970s Boston University activist, dies at 58

I knew and worked with Terri  when I was a student at Boston University the 1970s. We were advocacy journalists, and there was a lot to advocate for and against at BU back then. She was smart, brave and, as described in the obit below, intense. Maybe that’s why we always put her up to the mic.
Terri T
Click photo for full video. Terri appears about halfway through.

By Maria Sciullo / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Terri Taylor’s friends and colleagues all used the same word in describing her: intense. But she was, as Deb Acklin said, “intense in every wonderful way you can interpret the word.”

“I would describe Terri as delightfully fierce; whatever she pursued, she pursued with absolute passion,” said Ms. Acklin, president and CEO of WQED Multimedia, where Ms. Taylor worked on several projects over the years.

Announcing free speech lawsuit against BU. Click for more.
Announcing free speech lawsuit against BU, 1979. Newspaper advisor and BU prof Howard Zinn on the right. Click for more.

Ms. Taylor, 58, was a reporter and documentary producer whose job carried her across the globe. She died Wednesday in hospice at Canterbury Place in Lawrenceville, five years after a diagnosis of rectal cancer. Even in her treatment of the disease, Ms. Taylor embraced a worldview, traveling to China to undergo five weeks of a cutting-edge, Sono Photo Dynamic Therapy.

“She was a very meticulous journalist. She took that on as her challenge,” said her father, Paul Taylor, a former instructor of pediatrics at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. “She believed she was a truth-teller, and that the best way to create a just world was through information.”

More here.


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