Check out StoryBench for thoughts on the latest in digital reporting

My NU colleagues over at StoryBench have a great interview with the editor who planned the NYTimes digital strategy for covering the migrant crisis.

To document the journey of this massive movement of migrants and refugees and the roadblocks and setbacks they are encountering along their way, The New York Times’s international desk devised a digital strategy. It features ongoing short stories in the form of field notes from an embedded reporter, photographers and a videographer, as well as a coordinated social media strategy to broadcast their work. Storybench spoke with Hanna Ingber, an assistant editor on the international desk at The New York Times, who helped coordinate the effort.

Check it out, along with StoryBench,

Storybench is a collaboration between the Media Innovation track at Northeastern University’s School of Journalism and Esquire magazine.

At Storybench, we want to reinvigorate and reimagine what digital journalism can be. This means providing an “under the hood” look at the latest and most inventive examples of digital creativity—from data visualization projects to interactive documentaries—as well as the tools and innovators behind them.

Whether you are a veteran newsroom editor, web designer, budding coder or journalism student, Storybench will help you learn what is being built and how, so you can find your way to what might be built next.


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