Health care events: #Hubweek and beyond

HubWeek looks like a mashup of of TED talks, a science festival and SXSW (without the music.)

Monday offers a session about the health care — one of four themes of  of MIT’s Solve Project.

The CURE roundtable will undertake the challenge of how to leverage innovations in healthcare delivery and medical research to make care affordable and universally available. To deliver on this challenge, CURE seeks to impact near-term productivity improvement and longer-term radical innovation as a path to transform everything from fundamental research to delivery of patient services at all points of care. CURE will focus on five areas of research and healthcare innovation, tackling issues that include cancer, imgresbrain disorders, mitigating the risk of infectious disease, leveraging IT, and more.

Looking forward, late October brings Dan Fagin to Harvard, where he’ll talk about his Pulitzer Prize winning book on pollution on on Jersey Shore town, Toms River. 

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