Spotlight on The Boston Globe

first_frontBoth of my journalism classes will get a preview of the film “Spotlight” next week.  The movie chronicles The Boston Globe‘s investigation into the Catholic Church’s sex abuse cover-up. To be fair, the now-defunct Boston Phoenix was reporting on it too, but the Globe had the resources to break the story open.

If you haven’t read the stories, check them out. Or watch the movie preview below.  Let the film be a reminder that journalists — maligned from Hollywood to Harry Potter — can be heroes. We don’t get paid much, we work long, weird hours, we chase stories that go nowhere and we do make mistakes. But we mostly get it right, and often we do good. That’s why the Pulitzers have a prize for public service.

Do note that the film arrives as the Globe newsroom recovers from its latest round of buy-outs and layoffs. A recent story about the movie in the The New York Times puts all the above into perspective.

LOS ANGELES — They have been whipsawed by the web and left jobless by the thousands in round after round of layoffs and early retirements.

Their public standing just barely rises above that of lobbyists and telemarketers.

But against all odds, the hottest heroes in Hollywood — at least in this early stage of the Oscar hunt — are a bunch of scruffy, middle-aged newspaper journalists.

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