Video clip examples for JO304 students

Hi all,

So, for both the Halloween clips and the man on the street you did today, I want you to show me what you got — your best work. It can be single, unedited clips — or an edited clip — 15-30 seconds will do, no longer than one minute. Due by end of day (11:59) Friday. Post to blog via Vimeo, YouTube or SoundCloud.

Either two unedited clips,  or one edited clip,  from each shoot.

Not graded, but counted as homework. You will get a homework grade at the end of the semester. If you submitted all the homework, you get an A. If homework is missing, or some assignment are extremely low quality, you won’t.

Here are some examples:

Here’s one clip. It’s long because I wanted to get the whole song. Yours just have to be long enough to tell me something. Shot with DLSR.

Marc 3 common video20140621 0555 from Tinker Ready on Vimeo.

Here’s one that’s edited, but much shorter. I used the iMovie phone app. This is a pers0nal video. Password:Sophie

Chappy flap from Tinker Ready on Vimeo.

Here’s one that’s even shorter. Needs a fade at the end. Also iMovie. Edited it on the train on the way home from this event. I posted it with this text “At their annual meeting in Boston, ER docs got to take out their frustrations on electronic medical records vendors.” I’m briefly in this one. Don’t be in yours.


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