For blog post screenshots, do not cut and paste full frames of photos or graphics

Hi all,

When using the screen shot to add an image to your blog,  make sure you are not copying the entire image or graphic, even if you have some of the text as a border. I wasn’t clear on this in class.  A lot of the WordPress themes are picking these up as featured images, so we have to be more careful.

Also, make them smaller; half the width of the screen. Flush right or lefts is good.

Instead of this…


Or this… 


Sames goes for maps, charts and other graphics.  


Instead, make a picture of part of the page.

Don’t use the full imageCapture10.JPG or graphic.

And reduce the size.

Put it flush right or left with some text around it.  








Or,  get the whole page or a big chunk and  and post itcapture8 very small. (I had to reduce this to get all that in the shot.) 

None of these solutions are ideal, but you have to be careful not to use someone’s photo or graphic without permission. Your screen shot does not have to have an image in in. 

 Or use Getty images

Embed from Getty Images




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