Hey students — Rough cuts: Mobile multimedia from the #womensmarch

I was trying to do fun multimedia at the march this weekend.  My ancient laptop wasn’t working right, so I had to work with my phone shots and mobile apps.

(I brought my DSLR and sputtering Tascam tape recorder for a couple of reason. The camera makes me stand out from the phone snap-shotters. It has a zoom lens. And I had extra batteries. (Had a power bank for the phone too, which worked out.) The quality of my audio recorder used to be better than the phone

Here’ s what I did on my phone with an app called “Adobe Spark.”


Here’s what I did about ten minutes ago with a  new-to-me phone app called “Pinnacle Pro.” I think it costs $10, but there’s a free version. It’s a little trickier than the iMovie app,  but it has multiple tracks, so you can run audio under photos.

I can already see stuff I have to fix. Also, I see a lot more Nasty Women shots from the DSLR, so I might add them and look for more online — non -copyrighted of course.



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