Resources for students covering the immigration ban in Boston

Ongoing. More resources below.

Tips for covering a rally/march

Get in front of the crowd and turn around. No backs of heads.

People in most photos, not just signs.

Don’t try to get the speakers onstage unless you happen to be close or have a long lens. Get close to a speaker and you might get some audio. Crowd sound can drown it out.

Interview people in the crowd, audio and video. Get photos, name spelling and contact info.

It’s a sunny day. Don’t shoot into the sun and beware of shadows.

To shoot the march, plant yourself and your camera in the middle, turn around and let it flow around you.

Have a theme. I focused on “Nasty Woman” signs. Working on an audio man-on-street from women’s march to this question: “Anything good about Trump?”

More here. 


Link to 1/29 Boston rally info FB.

Don’t join the protest if you are covering it.

Grab some photos and video either way.

Here’s some good background on refugees and immigration.

Twitter list on immigration ban:  CO201/lists/immigration-ban

Saturday afternoon Globe story 

Trump immigration page


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