Long before Carrie Bradshaw, there was Cynthia Heimel. In the early ’80s, she gifted us “ribald commentary on sex, romance and late-century womanhood.”

Sorry to read of the death of Cynthia Heimel, author of 1983’s “Sex Tips for Girls.” From The Washington Post:

download.jpgCynthia Heimel, a humor columnist whose biting, ribald commentary on sex, romance and late-century womanhood were collected in books including “Sex Tips for Girls” and “Get Your Tongue out of My Mouth, I’m Kissing You Good-Bye,” died Feb. 25 at an assisted-living community in Los Angeles. She was 70.

The cause was complications from dementia, said her son Brodie Ransom. Ms. Heimel had been diagnosed about a year ago.

In her books and columns, Ms. Heimel wrote about bad boys, bad dates, bad sex and bad birth control, with the occasional reminiscence of blissed-out pleasure thrown in. “God protects drunks, infants and feisty girls,” she once observed, and in a tumultuous, three-decade writing career, she was feistier than most.

“Everyone in the world seems to think that they are codependent and that they come from dysfunctional families,” she wrote in one 1989 column for Playboy. “They call it codependency, I call it the human condition.”

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