Writing a Roller Coaster

by Tinker Ready

TR advocateIn 1983, I wrote a story for the Valley Advocate in Springfield, Massachusetts about a new roller coaster.  I interviewed the designer on the construction site in what was then Riverside Amusement Park in Agawam. “There’s not much to it, ” William C. Cobb said. “It’s pure physics.”

I rode it about 2005 and it was pretty rickety, especially compared to the new monorail coaster I had just ridden.

In 2015, I heard they same coaster was being revamped by the current owner, Six Flags. So, I wrote about the updated Wicked Cyclone for The Boston Globe. This time, I got to ride it with a video camera. Not rickety anymore.



Riding the Wicked Cyclone with the Go Pro from Tinker Ready on Vimeo.