Tascam recorder settings and tutorials

Attention JO 304 and @CO201 follower:

Class — Here is the Tascam video we looked at last week, and the one I was looking for. Our recorder had been upgraded; see note. I”m still trying to figure out why it records in mono when it is set to stereo.


Hit Menu, turn wheel to Record Settings, hit enter.

WAV 24 bit

 Sample: 48kHz

 Size: 512M (or choose your own. This sets the maximum record length. If it goes over, the recorder stops. )

NOTE: We’re using a slightly different Tascam.

To let the deck know what mic source you are using: Use the silver toggle switch above the wheel to indicate which mic you are using. We will use XLR  (unless you are at a press conference or great debate using a mult box, and then it is LINE in).

Not recording?

Recording tips