Psychedelics, AI and viral outbreaks: Harvard grad student with Science in the News explain it all via its 20th public lecture series @SITN Boston

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All fall lectures will be held on Wednesday evenings in Armenise Auditorium at Harvard Medical School from 7 to 9:00 p.m. Please see the “directions” link … for instructions on how to access Armenise Auditorium (in Goldenson Hall) and the lecture hall, located at 200 Longwood Ave in Boston.

This semester’s series will feature eight lectures:
September 26 – Extremophiles: Life on the Edge of our Planet
October 3 – The Past and Future of Viral Outbreaks
October 10 – Altered State of Mind: How Psychedelics Modify the
Brain, Behavior, and Perception
October 17 – A Star Trek: A Voyage to Discover Sources of Cosmic Signals in Our Universe
October 24 – Designing AI-Enabled Technology for Society
November 7 – Fighting Back Against Climate Change: Altering Earth’s Atmosphere
November 14 – Brains and Bodies: How to Make Smart Robots
November 28 – Sex, Science, and the State: The Role of Science in Sexual Reproductive Health and Policymaking

DIY abortions: Using Google search fo data reporting

CaptureSometimes, data journalist sneak over the line from using spread sheets to  find trends to sophisticated  data analysis. On the simple approach side, see this  from the NYTimes Sunday Review story on Google searches and abortion :

In 2015, in the United States, there were about 119,000 searches for the exact phrase “how to have a miscarriage.” There were also searches for other variants — “how to self-abort” — and for particular methods. Over all, there were more than 700,000 Google searches looking into self-induced abortions in 2015.

For comparison, there were some 3.4 million searches for abortion clinics and, according to estimates by the Guttmacher Institute, there are around one million legal abortions a year.

The 700,000 searches included about 160,000 asking how to get abortion pills through unofficial channels — searches like “buy abortion pills online” and “free abortion pills.”

There were tens of thousands of searches looking into abortion by herbs like parsley or by vitamin C. There were some 4,000 searches looking for directions on coat hanger abortions, including about 1,300 for the exact phrase “how to do a coat hanger abortion.” There were also a few hundred looking into abortion through bleaching one’s uterus and punching one’s stomach.