Google News Initiative promises: “YouTube search will now include links to news article during breaking news cycles” Plus, a map.

Latest from GNI:

When we announced the Google News Initiative, we also made a commitment to increase the integrity of the information we display during breaking news events. Today we announced several new YouTube features to prominently surface authoritative sources to viewers. To bridge the gap of time it takes to produce high-quality video when news breaks, in the United States, YouTube search will now include links to news article during breaking news cycles. In addition, we’re rolling out the “Breaking News” section on YouTube’s homepage and the “Top News” shelf in search results, which highlight videos from credible news organizations, to many more countries. And YouTube is expanding viewers’ access to local news—the most trusted source of news—across different markets in the U.S.


Playing with Google Maps. Here, I am trying to figure out how to change the color on all the place markers at once.

DIY abortions: Using Google search fo data reporting

CaptureSometimes, data journalist sneak over the line from using spread sheets to  find trends to sophisticated  data analysis. On the simple approach side, see this  from the NYTimes Sunday Review story on Google searches and abortion :

In 2015, in the United States, there were about 119,000 searches for the exact phrase “how to have a miscarriage.” There were also searches for other variants — “how to self-abort” — and for particular methods. Over all, there were more than 700,000 Google searches looking into self-induced abortions in 2015.

For comparison, there were some 3.4 million searches for abortion clinics and, according to estimates by the Guttmacher Institute, there are around one million legal abortions a year.

The 700,000 searches included about 160,000 asking how to get abortion pills through unofficial channels — searches like “buy abortion pills online” and “free abortion pills.”

There were tens of thousands of searches looking into abortion by herbs like parsley or by vitamin C. There were some 4,000 searches looking for directions on coat hanger abortions, including about 1,300 for the exact phrase “how to do a coat hanger abortion.” There were also a few hundred looking into abortion through bleaching one’s uterus and punching one’s stomach.