#Flu cases are #declining in #Massachusetts while they are rising nationally.

Massachusetts January 19 report. Provider offices across the US report the amount of influenza‐like illness (ILI) they see in their patients each week during regular flu season. These outpatient providers’ offices, which include doctors’ offices, school health services, and community health centers, are called ‘sentinel sites.’ Here we present Massachusetts sentinel site data. Please note that the data […]

via #Flu cases are #declining in #Massachusetts while they are rising nationally. — Boston Health News


What do magazine demographics say about gender? “Men’s Interest” v. “Women’s Interest” at the airport newsstand. Call it cakes v. cars.

To be fair, the other newsstand in Logan Airport had Cosmo and Vanity Fair under “Women’s Interest.” Plenty of fashion mags too, unlike this one, which could be from 1950 — marriage and cooking.