Students! Verfiy! And don’t let this happen to you.

The Rolling Stone rape story disaster and the cases below illustrate what separates professional journalism from the rest of the Internet: VERIFICATION!

Well, one  of them came from a working journalist who must have missed that class.

This group was attending the Xmas tree lighting, not the protest. Protest is behind them.

Here’s the original cut line in the Globe:

Protesters stood behind people watching the annual tree lighting ceremony on the Boston Common.

As widely reported, a Harvard Business School prof was skewered online after browbeating a Chinese restaurant for overcharging him $4. write a post about  hacked email with racists rants that looked like it came from the prof. Turns out his twitter feed had been hacked.

In the what you were thinking category. As if the fake email story  weren’t  bad enough…

An editor for the Boston Globe’s who wrote an unverified story accusing a Harvard professor of firing off a “racist” email is facing scrutiny for peddling T-shirts mocking him for a flap over a $4 Chinese food charge. deputy editor Hilary Sargent designed the T-shirt, which was posted for sale for $20.95 on Internet shopping site, confirmed yesterday.

Aimed at Harvard Business School professor Ben Edelman, the T-shirt carried the words “Didn’t go to HBS. Also didn’t lose my (expletive) over FOUR dollars.”

Why is Ted Nugent screaming at me via Twitter?

When I searched on “State of the Union,” my Twitter feed got kind of bloated — very large tweets with photos. When I clicked on “Home” I got the standard size tweet and my cat scratch fever disappeared.

Check out the interactive element of the speak. Does this mean that Congressman Wilson can just tweet our “You lie!”  instead of shouting it out during the speech?

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