NYTimes on how they got the Trump Jr./ Russia meeting story.

With such strong feelings on the right and the left about the quality of reporting from the legacy media, it can be a challenge to teach journalism these days. It’s easy to say something that a student can interpret as biased. So, I welcome all views in my classes, but I ask that we have a fact-based debate over the credibility of the press and that we be allowed to disagree with each other in a civil way. As Gumby and Pokey say:

gumby facts.jpeg

That said, the Times has published a how-we-got the story piece. Check it out here .  Know that Trump has charged that the anonymous sources are fabricated. I disagree, but would be happy to consider evidence to the contrary.



Why is Ted Nugent screaming at me via Twitter?

When I searched on “State of the Union,” my Twitter feed got kind of bloated — very large tweets with photos. When I clicked on “Home” I got the standard size tweet and my cat scratch fever disappeared.

Check out the interactive element of the speak. Does this mean that Congressman Wilson can just tweet our “You lie!” ¬†instead of shouting it out during the speech?

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